The importance of website design for your brand

In this day and age of super-fast internet access, arguably the most important part of any business’s marketing is their website design. Having a responsive, easy to use and attractive website can be a crucial asset, regardless of your trade. This short post will highlight just why website design is so significant.

First impressions

With internet readily available on a wide range of devices, to the vast majority of people, it is more often than not the first port of call when researching anything. Be it for information on the best deal, in search of a product or finding a service, the worldwide web is where we head!

If you have an attractive website design, it will give people a good first impression of your business and probably shape their view (for the better!) of your brand in the future.

The importance of website design for your brand

Easy navigation

Within the importance of a good website design, getting the navigation right is vital. We are the generation of ‘now’, if it doesn’t work how we would expect, we are instantly put off. If you possess a website that is easy for potential customers to find the information they want, you stand a better chance of being chosen by them. If the journey is well laid out for every individual that visits the site, you’ve got yourself a good site layout.

Reflect your brand

If you have an unattractive and poorly designed website, a potential customer will instantly form negative connotations to your business. When they next come across your brand, they will instantly think back to that awful website.

Everything on your website should mirror the ethos and values that your business, company or organisation believe in.

Make it work on mobile

We’ve moved on from slow connectivity on chunky old desktop computers. Nowadays, pretty much everyone has a smartphone or tablet that allows them to access the internet. In fact, recent figures from Google suggest that 50-60% of global searches come from mobile devices.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, or if it becomes a bit buggy on an iPhone, it will cause you enormous amounts of trouble. Not only will people think you’ve got a below-par site, but Google will also look down on it as inferior and will make it harder for you to get good search rankings as they don’t want rubbish sites appearing high up on their searches.

So there you go, a pretty brief overview of why you need a nice looking, easy to use website. Heed my advice and do something about it, or find someone to do it for you…there are plenty of amazing web developers out there.

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