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The benefits of using a freelance copywriter

It is well known how impactful excellent online content can be for businesses. Whether you are a fast-growing start-up, small local company or a multinational enterprise, having the right content on your website and social media channels is something every business should strive for.

The worst bird in the world?

This is not an assault on bird kind. I am in fact an amateur birder who marvels at most of these fine feathered critters. There is one particular bird-type, though, that does not attract my affection: The generic and dreaded seagull. I know gull is an umbrella term that encompasses many different species, and seagull … Continue reading The worst bird in the world?

Importance of SEO optimised websites

Is SEO business profitable?

Organic search makes up an enormous portion of most businesses’ website traffic and is an integral part of the customer conversion funnel. Attracting organic visitors has become an ever-increasing area of focus for organisations, given the fact that the vast majority of the world has access to the internet and relies on Google multiple times … Continue reading Is SEO business profitable?

Automation in the workplace

There has been a lot of media coverage recently regarding the technological advance of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics and how they could result in jobs being ‘computerised’. The popularity of AI & Machine Learning The continual progression of technology means that computers are getting increasingly clever; being developed to carry out functions that, … Continue reading Automation in the workplace

Social media marketing debunked

Social media marketing debunked: A guide for small businesses

In the UK alone, there are more than 45 million social media users. Smaller organisations can reap the rewards from being active on social media as it provides the opportunity to engage with prospective customers. If social media marketing is done right, it can make sales skyrocket. The best platforms available for small businesses Every … Continue reading Social media marketing debunked: A guide for small businesses

Followers, voyeurism and false pretences – The social media complex

Platform for friendly communications, influential sales tool or beastly community for wrecking body image views and fuelling hatred? Whatever you feel about social media there’s no denying; in this day and age, it’s well and truly integrated into our lives. At the touch of a button we can gain an insight into the life of … Continue reading Followers, voyeurism and false pretences – The social media complex

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