Is SEO business profitable?

Organic search makes up an enormous portion of most businesses’ website traffic and is an integral part of the customer conversion funnel. Attracting organic visitors has become an ever-increasing area of focus for organisations, given the fact that the vast majority of the world has access to the internet and relies on Google multiple times each day to gather information.

Whatever the size of a business and regardless of its industry, SEO can improve the searchability and visibility of a company’s website. But beyond that, why is SEO and online presence such an important aspect of business performance in this day and age?

Strong SEO helps to improve a company’s brand

If a business can achieve a decent ranking for a few target keywords that are relevant to the service it provides, the increased visibility on Google and other search engines will prove it as a trustworthy organisation. Alongside a high-quality website, top notch SEO can give brands this online status.

But which comes first? Should you channel all your efforts first up into making sure your website looks nice and has a good user experience? Or should you try and achieve a decent ranking for some keywords and get your website out there first? It’s a bit chicken and egg…but establishing your website, in our opinion, is slightly more important. You can gradually establish a strong foundation using search engine optimisation that is easily discoverable in online searches and then focus on building it out to be a flashy website with all the bells and whistles!

Importance of SEO optimised websites

Trust and credibility from SEO is an important aspect for every brand

How to go about establishing good SEO

A plethora of elements contribute to building out the SEO of your website. Some of the key elements, which are accrued over a duration of time, that help to establish authority on search engines include:

  • Quality backlink profiles
  • Positive user behaviour
  • Machine-learning signals
  • Optimised on-page elements and content

Top notch SEO can allow your organisation to discover and leverage new opportunities that previously would have been inaccessible.

As mentioned before, this is not a quick fix and it is impossible to build trust and SEO credibility overnight. Authority is gradually earned through lots of small adjustments and improvements – patience is key.

Above everything, you cannot forget that your entire brand relies on offering a top quality product or services; this is where the real trust and brand awareness is earned.

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